What’s Killing Cattle in Colorado While Leaving No Tracks?

Mysterious Cattle Killings

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We have enough challenges with our food supply due to attacks from globalist elites, corrupt government officials, and climate change cultists. Add in supply chain challenges, the energy crisis, untenable water policies, and oddly prevalent diseases hitting herds and it’s clear that the cattle industry is in no shape to be burdened with anything else.

This is especially true when new challenges pop up without reasonable explanations. According to Daily Star:

Mysterious ‘Creature That Left No Tracks’ Suspected of String of Cattle Killings

A small town is on high alert after a spate of cow killings has left them with a mystery to solve. The locals of Meeker, Colorado, have been the victims of several attacks on local cows, with dozens being slaughtered.

And while some would assume it would be easy to figure out what was doing the attacking, local reports claim that the “creature” responsible “left no tracks” – so it is impossible to find and stop the beast at play.

As first reported by The Debrief, the attacks began in October 2022, when 19 calf carcasses were found on a family ranch belonging to the Klinglesmiths.

Shockingly, some of them had their tails missing, while attack marks look like they had been made with “canine teeth”.

Whether it’s a stealthy pack of wolves as many surmise or something more mysterious, we may never know. Either way, best to stock up on beef while you can.

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8 responses to “What’s Killing Cattle in Colorado While Leaving No Tracks?”

  1. Joe Avatar

    They call it a helicopter with a sharpshooter.

  2. judgeroybean Avatar

    Since there were violations in the rectal region, investigators should zero in on democrats.

    1. Suriname Sam Avatar
      Suriname Sam

      Bingo Judge! You win the internet prize!,

    2. Rob of Mendota Avatar
      Rob of Mendota

      I have heard of the cows having their a-holes removed with surgical precision, like a laser was used… then they were just left there to rot, this was in NM back in the early 2000’s if I recall correctly. Whoever is doing this is severely insane and needs destroying.

  3. Jasonn Avatar

    Illegal aliens wearing those carpet shoes?

  4. Henry Brashard Avatar
    Henry Brashard

    Hard hitting journalism of the highest degree.

  5. Makim Ben-Dover Avatar
    Makim Ben-Dover

    Clearly space aliens.

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